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UNESCO. (2013). Overview of information literacy resources worldwide. Paris: UNESCO.

AASL Learning Standards & Program Guidelines Implementation Toolkit:
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ACRL. Analyzing your instructional environment: A workbook:

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SOS for Information literacy: Peer-reviewed lessons (Lis Percy, Westwood HS, MA) -- need better link

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College Readiness -- or not:
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College Knowledge:
ACT, Inc. (2013). ACT National Curriculum Survey.
The survey shows a disconnect on the crucial question of college readiness. Eighty-nine percent of high school teachers surveyed said students who finished their classes were well or very well prepared for college work in those subjects. But 26 percent of college instructors say incoming students are well or very well prepared for first-year courses, the survey found. The results echoed previous findings in 2009, even though there has been intensive focus on college readiness in recent years.

Information Literacy Checklist:
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Los Angeles area University Librarians' letter of support for school librarians, and need for information literacy readiness for college: